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[ox] Deutsche Bank: "Open Source Infrastructure -- A Manifesto for the Coming Big Bang."

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 17:11:59 -0800 (PST)
From: HPCwire <hpcwire>
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San Francisco, CA -- Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown equity research analyst Phil
Rueppel today published an industry report, "Open Source Infrastructure --
Manifesto for the Coming Big Bang." Additionally, yesterday he expanded his
coverage of the Linux Market industry by initiating coverage of Red Hat,
(Nasdaq : RHAT) with a buy rating ($7.0).

In his report focused on Open Source technologies, Rueppel outlines:

* the market opportunities;

* a comparison of the traditional business models in the IT industry

and the Open Source model;

* several probable success scenarios of the Open Source model;

* shortcomings and strengths of Open Source solutions;

* the impact of Open Source on the IT industry landscape;

* Open Source products and services;

* and the profiles of 2 public companies and 29 private companies.

"Linux and other Open Source technologies continue to demonstrate the
characteristics of strong growth, increased customer penetration, and
disruptive change -- all factors that create investment opportunities in
view," said Rueppel. "We believe that as Open Source moves from the early
adopter internet-centric customers towards adoption by the corporate
mainstream -- a trend that we are currently seeing -- the vendors focused
the segment will be the winners both fundamentally and in the stock

His positive opinion on Open Source technologies is based on the following
key investment themes:

* the IT industry's prevailing software development model is


* the Open Source development model can be a "better mousetrap" to

address enterprises' IT needs

* the Open Source model could lead to significant disruption of the IT

industry landscape

* Open Source companies can develop profitable business models by

leveraging Open Source to deliver "single stack" IT solutions

* Linux is the ultimate proof-point that the Open Source model can

succeed; Linux has quickly emerged as the only other viable

computing platform alongside Sun Microsystem's (SUNW) Solaris and

Microsoft Corporation's (MSFT) Windows2000

Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown identifies the US investment banking activities
DB Alex. Brown LLC and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc., which are indirect
subsidiaries of Deutsche Bank AG. With over EUR995 billion in assets as of
September 30, 2000 and approximately 95,000 employees, Deutsche Bank offers
its clients unparalleled financial services throughout the world. It ranks
among the leaders in asset management, capital markets, corporate finance,
custody, cash management and private banking. Deutsche Bank is divided into
five major business units: Global Corporates and Institutions, Global
Technology and Services, Asset Management, Corporates and Real Estates and
Private and Retail Banking.

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. maintains a net primary market in the common
stock of Red Hat, Inc. The following stock(s) is (are) optionable: Red Hat,

In the U.S. this report may be distributed either by Deutsche Bank
Securities Inc., or DB Alex. Brown LLC. Interested parties are advised to
contact the U.S. entity they currently deal with, or the U.S. entity that
distributed this report to them.

Web site:

H P C w i r e S P O N S O R S

Product specifications and company information in this section
are available to both subscribers and non-subscribers.

[ ] 530) DataDirect Networks [ ] 947) Etnus / TotalView
[ ] 529) Linux NetworX [ ] 929) Essential
[ ] 528) API [ ] 921) SGI
[ ] 526) GENROCO [ ] 934) Hewlett-Packard
[ ] 527) Intel [ ] 949) Visual Numerics
[ ] 525) Honeywell [ ] 930) NEC
[ ] 948) Cray Inc. [ ] 902) IBM Corp.
[ ] 909) Fujitsu [ ] 932) Portland Group
[ ] 937) Compaq [ ] 945) NAG
[ ] 946) Quadrics [ ] 942) Sun Microsystems

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