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[mox] Re: [pox] who cares? (was: Jahresmitgliederversammlung 2006)


On Mon, Jan 30, 2006 at 07:19:25PM [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED], Hans-Gert Gr?be wrote:
Stefan Matteikat wrote:
[Abstract. During the last years the general meetings of the Oekonux
e.V. - Oekonux Association - were hold on the edge of the Linux-Tag and
became very formal without discussing any issue of interest. 

No, they have to be very formal and therfore have been very formal and
will be very formal.
They did not _become_ very formal, it is just the yearly general
congregation a german e.V. has to fulfill.

If it turns out to be consensual to mix that formal meeting with any
other activities, I will not show up.

To fit the
challenges of the next years, I think Oekonux really needs to be
reorganised, which might be at least a merge of the hierarchy levels mox
and pox, probably chox. Therefore I proposed a general meeting for
everyone, who feels himself responsible for Oekonux and contributes a
lot of time - just like Franz, Karl, Holger, Helmut Supik and others.] 

But (almost) no one cares so far, see

Well I do not care about wikis in gerneral and this specifically wiki, 
as there is already the mailinglist [mox] to discuss this.
[issues of such a meeting are:
- to continue the kind of meeting we started in december 2005 in Berlin.
- introduction of new members of the Oekonux e.V. (StefanMa, Wolfgang
  Schreiber), probably with a talk about their way of contribution
- to discuss the question of merging pox, the oekonux hierarchy-level 
  for activists, and mox, the seemingly dead list of the "members"
- and, last but not least: to have an event for the inner circle!]

It is the usual way of decision within Oekonux if for the moment 100% of
the 2 (in words: two) responses vote *for* such a meeting.  I do not
dare to speak about "consensus" - but I think that *such* a relation of
the majority of pox-subscribers to OekonuxAsProject is a great problem
for the maintainer (and thus for the project as a whole). And *if* (and
*since*) has (often) to meet decisions on such a base frustration
is preprogrammed from both sides. It is not fair to sue (only) him for
this situation.

Please drop your comments at

Who are you to force others to switch over to a diferent
=> I won't!



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