Die hier archivierte Mail kann, muss sich aber nicht auf den Themenkomplex von Oekonux beziehen.

Insbesondere kann nicht geschlossen werden, dass die hier geäußerten Inhalte etwas mit dem Projekt Oekonux oder irgendeiner TeilnehmerIn zu tun haben.


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[chox] TROMANALE 2006

Deutsche Version weiter unten!

TROMANALE 2006 09-19-FEB.

hello friends of free cinema and independent art!

It's happening again. The next TROMANALE will be held at KunstHaus
Tacheles (http://www.tacheles.de).
TROMANALE needs your help!
How can you help us?
- Send us your films and/or get your friends to do so. Submission is free,
deadline is the 31.12.2005. You only need to print out the entry-form
( one for each film!) from the tromanale website and post it to us.

- Be a TROMANALE-VOLUNTEER: Help us to run the festival, have fun at the
propaganda-stunts, get free accomodation + be a part of it.
(contact: volunteer tromanale.de)

- Perform alone or with your band/team/group/circus... at Tromanale
events. You won't get paid but you get a proper a/v recording of your show
and if you're good a lot of new fans as well.
(contact: act tromanale.de)

- Support TROMANALE: Have some spare money or know someone who wants to
support the arts, have media contacts or know about cheap printing? Know
where we can find chairs, carpets, lights, speakers, heaters, projectors,
tv-sets, computers...? Let us know! If you can organize venues and/or acts
for fund-raising gigs we'll be more than happy to hear about that.
(contact: support tromanale.de)

- Employ your skills! Web-designers, painters, graphic artists, animators,
photographers, translators... - please help us to make it all look very
good. Design flyers, posters, short trailers and everything else you can
think of. Help us translating into other languages and with the
subtiteling of films in other languages than German and English. We want
more Asian, Eastern European, South-American and African Films!

- Share your Knowledge: Hold a workshop at TROMANALE, enable people to
learn and use the secrets of your special field.
 (contact: workshop tromanale.de)

- Spread the rumour: Publish and feature TROMANALE in your newspaper,
magazine, fanzine, web journal, blog, message board...
We will provide you with all required information materials, arrange
interviews with Lloyd Kaufmann and other film makers, producers and
artists. Stick up posters and leave flyers in your home town cinemas,
schools and venues. Call your local radio station and tell them about it.
Use your ingenuity!

Web-Site: http://www.oekonux.de/
Organization: http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/
Contact: projekt oekonux.de

[English translation]
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