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[ox] Somalia

Hallo Leute,

schon mitgekriegt ??
Ein Fall von Zensur bzw. kapitalistische Repression im Internet !!

Ich leite es einfach unkommentiert weiter.....
q/depesche  01.11.25/1

"AntiTerror": Somalia Offline

Es handelt sich ungefähr um das Dümmste, was in der
momentanen Situation für USA/UK machbar ist: die Internet-
Benutzer [Studenten, Business, Journalisten] der so genannten
Dritten Welt gegen sich aufzubringen.

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Somalia's only internet company and a key telecoms business
have been forced to close because the United States suspects
them of terrorist links.

The two firms, Somalia Internet Company and al-Barakaat, both
appear on a US list of organisations accused of funnelling money
to the al-Qaeda network.

Both companies have stated they are not linked to terrorists.
Hassan Barise in Mogadishu told the BBC's Network Africa
programme the said more than 80% of Somalis depend on money
they receive from relatives outside the country.

He said all internet cafes have now shut down and international
phone lines run by two other companies are failing to cope with the
extra pressure of calls.
On 7 November, the Bush administration released the list of 62
organisations and individuals accused of financial links with Osama
Bin Laden.

Reports say the Somali Internet Company was forced to close
when it realised that its international gateway had been cut off.

Its international telephone service was then shut down when its
international gateway - run jointly by AT&T and British Telecom -
was also cut off.

The company, which has 600 shareholders, is the largest employer
in Somalia.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Somalis depend on it to
transfer money throughout the world.

Somalis living abroad use it to send money to their relatives back
home as there are no other banking systems in Somalia since the
downfall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991.

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relayed by harkank
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terror und ueberwachung sind geschwister
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q/depesche taeglich ueber
zivile freiheiten im netz

harkank miller quintessenz.a

Organisation: projekt

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