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Re(2): [ox] Computers for Africa was: Re what I meant to say

liste schreibt:
You might try it the other way (--Detlef);sid=2001/4/27/4428/26353

perfectly right....communication is the channel for many things
unexperienced and unexpected. Something like this will happen.
But my hope rests with the ability of global networks to "close
the circle" of voluntary cooperation.
What about if open source development is not about getting
paid by someone abroad (which is, by the way, an excellent
way to improve the living base of a village) but simply to
develop applications that can automatize production in the
shared village workshop? If these workshops are voluntarely
standardized, using equipment with the same standards....
and if the village dedicates part of its income to the improvement
of a shared workshop...this is not only possible, but maybe 
even feasible.
Computer based work is not necesserily doomed for good 
to be exploited abroad. But the right intermediary technology
will not come by itself. At the conference Markus Merz said
that the "fabber" idea was an illusion. I think we need a project 
that really analizes the automation potential, the pros and
cons of the "Große Industrie". I think and I showed it in my
speech that industry is increasingly supporting prosumer
activities, at the same time most of todays prosumer activities
increase instead of decrease dependencies.
We must sit down sine ira et studio and analyse the decentralist
potential of the current age:
- "Antriebskraft" Electricity versus "Antriebskraft" Dampfmaschine
- Other parts of the process. I think the differentiations that Marx
gave (K1 at )
are good, but still better and systematically correct is the 
theory of James Grier Miller on Living Systems. 
(see at ........)Talking about
 decentralized complex metabolisms is different from talking about
linear production processes that are fed with raw material and
produce a product and waste. The decentralised automatic production
process will be a complex, wholistic process of self-feeding and
mutually supporting "production-reproduction" engines or it
will simply not be. We see the paradigm in Permaculture, but it can
be enhanced with technology, automatization and so on. Open Source
will play a crucial role in this development, but we need other

Organisation: projekt

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