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[ox] Peace, Love and Linux - Futter für die Oxkonferenz

die spaßigen Momente der Weltgeschichte könnten so aussehen: keine Satire,
wirkliche Meldung!


 CHICAGO, April 25 (Reuters) - City officials were surprised but not
amused on Wednesday to learn that  computer giant IBM was behind an
advertising campaign to spray-paint symbols of penguins, hearts and
 peace signs on Chicago sidewalks.

 The Armonk, New York-based company could face fines of $50 for each of
100 defacements to defray the cost of blasting away the pavement graffiti,
part of International Business Machines Corp.'s "Peace, Love and Linux"
marketing strategy designed to draw attention to its Linux computer
operating system.

 "We're rather surprised -- it's such a reputable company," said Debbie
DeLopez of Chicago's Streets and Sanitation Department.

 A 20-year-old man who works for a local advertising company was arrested
spray-painting a North Side sidewalk last week.

 The guerrilla marketing campaign was halted on San Francisco sidewalks
last week, though the paint used was said to be biodegradable. The effort
in Chicago was supposed to be done with chalk, not paint,  IBM told the
Chicago Sun-Times.

 An IBM spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment. 

Organisation: projekt

[English translation]
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