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[chox] European cultural tradition and the new forms ...

Am 24 Jan 2006, um 12:31 in chox. fwd from lib-info-soc...

Lazzarato, Maurizio (2004) European cultural tradition and the new forms
of production and circulation of knowledge. Multitudes : une revue
trimestrielle, politique, artistique et culturelle(16 January).


Deposited at the Open Archive E-LIS, e-prints in Library and Information


Not, perhaps, since the printing press's invention has European culture
experienced so much upheaval. The very underpinnings of the notion of
culture and of its modes of production, socialisation and appropriation
are under attack. I am speaking, of course, of culture's integration in
the creation of economic value. This integration process has accelerated
since the beginning of the 1980s through, on one hand, the globalisation
and increasing pervasion of finance in the economy, and on the other, the
onslaught of so-called "new technologies". Many have raised their voices
in defence of culture, intellectuals and artists. The strongest and most
organised oppositon to culture's subordination to economics came together
when commercial relations regarding audiovisual production were being
renegotiated, and around the issue of "authors' rights" -- the very
definition of which is open to discussion once new media are in the
picture. Translated by Bram Dov.
Keywords:       Europe. Cultural traditions. Production and circulation of
knowledge. Production and circulation of books. Socialization of
knowledge. New Information and Communication Technologies. Political
economy. Information economy. Authors' rights
Subjects:       E. Publishing and legal issues. > ED. Intellectual property:
author's rights, ownership, copyright, copyleft.
B. Information use and sociology of information. > BC. Information in
B. Information use and sociology of information. > BD. Information
B. Information use and sociology of information. > BE. Information
ID Code:        5480
Deposited By:   Muela-Meza, Zapopan Martín
Deposited On:   24 January 2006
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