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[ox-de] German translation (was: Re: Interview with George Dafermos - translators wanted)

German translation is now finished, thanks to cooperation with Christian
Siefkes :)

Publication will be done stepwise since the interview is longish. The
start post which may be referenced is this one:

Thanks to Michel, Neal, and George performing this interview.

All the best,

Am 11.02.2012 16:02, schrieb Stefan Meretz:

Hi George, Michel, Neil,

thank you for the great interview!

Hi ox,

I like to share the interview with german speaking people, thus I am
looking for translators. Please contact me (privately) if you are
willing to help translating this interview into german.


Start here:
Kontakt: projekt

[English translation]
Thread: oxdeT13038 Message: 3/3 L1 [In index]
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