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[ox-de] horizontal self aggregation

Hi Michel,

Silke Helfrich just published a blog post about your introduction to
commons-based peer production in Crottorf, where she transcribed
and translated (into german) big parts of your presentation:

Great job!

There the question arizes to me how to translate your »horizontal self
aggregation« correctly. I feel, there are two meanings of self-aggregation:
(1) coming together on our own grounds;
(2) accumulating knowledge for ourselves.

The word »horizontal« addresses the fact, that we do this in a
horizontal manner. But which meaning do you intend to bring over by

Thanks for clarification!


P.S. I ask you via ox, because this be interesting for others too.

Start here:
Kontakt: projekt

[English translation]
Thread: oxdeT12810 Message: 1/1 L0 [In index]
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