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[ox-de] Oekonux' 10th birthday

Hi all!

Ten years ago, at the 21st of July 1999, I sent the first mail using
the first Oekonux mailing list which had been just created:

I remember that at this time after ten years of heavy political
activism I did not want to engage in something new. I remember that I
was tired of this and also bored because after ten years you start to
see the repetitions... Well, in the end I did not do what I wanted but
instead followed my inner calling and founded Oekonux. That was really
Selbstentfaltung :-) .

Today I'm proud that after ten years my initial idea - though extended
in many ways - is still interesting to so many people. In fact I think
in my public life Oekonux is certainly the most important thing I ever
did. In any case Oekonux changed my life and I also found a couple of
friends in this project.

During the last ten years Oekonux saw good times and bad times. More
than 18000 e-mails went over the main discussion mailing lists and we
managed to organize four international conferences. This all started
with 14 persons. Most of them had attended the spontaneous session I
organized after the "Neue Ökonomien durch Open Source?" ("New
economies by Open Source?") at the first "Wizard of OS" conference
some weeks before.

I'm proud and happy that at the moment there is so much engagement in
the project. To me this indicates that even after ten years Oekonux is
not obsolete but still necessary and useful.

Of course this all would have not been possible without the engagement
of all of you. I learnt *sooo* much during all these years and hope
that my contributions helped others to learn, too. Thanks to all of
you for these ten years.

I'm looking forward to many more fruitful years of Oekonux. I'm
looking forward to many more insights about these utmost interesting
times we are all witnessing. I'm looking forward to continue to work
with you.


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