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[ox-de] Re: [ox-en] 4th Oekonux Conference at stake

Hi Oekonuxis!

5 days ago Stefan Merten wrote:
So if you ever thought about donating money to Oekonux or the P2P
Foundation *now* would be the right time to help making the conference
possible. If you never thought about such a step you may want to think

In case you are ready to donate some amount please drop me a line or
just reply to this message in public giving others an example.

I'm very happy to tell you that I received the first offer over
500EUR! The potential giver wants to stay anonymous, however.

ready to make the first step and hereby declare that I'm ready to
donate 300EUR in addition to waiving the remuneration of my travel and
accomodation costs as a speaker.

I also hereby raise my donation to 500EUR. So the first 1000EUR of
donations are secured :-) !

It would be great if you could join
this initiative and help making this great thing a reality.

This is still necessary. I hope I'll be able to give a more concrete
figure at the end of January.


Kontakt: projekt

[English translation]
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